Can i take a virtual tour of an underwater environment or other aquatic area?

Whether you're trying to supplement your study plans or just give kids something interesting to see, these virtual aquarium tours have a lot to offer. These seaweed seaweed forests cover about 25 percent of the world's coastlines and are an important source of food for a wide range of marine life. Then, you will enter the underwater cities of nature, those fascinating and otherworldly places that the Aquarium of the Pacific visits during its new virtual tour. This fascinating video was shot off the coast of Raja Ampat, in West Papua, and captures one of the giant aquatic gliders on a reef.

This underwater tour also sheds light on the damage caused to coral reefs by climate change through interactive schedules, videos, weather maps and a vision tool for “mantis shrimp”. Designed for children ages 9 to 15, but customizable for all ages, virtual field trips allow students to travel the world and explore natural environments without leaving the classroom. You will practically pass below the surface of the water at a depth of between 1.5 and 7 meters, where you can see the sharks through a special secured cage. Through this virtual experience, you can explore the 133,000 square mile long reef and some of the 1500 species of fish and 600 types of corals that live there.

Therefore, knowing and understanding them, through this attractive and educational virtual tour, is an important activity that must be done by sailors who love to share this planet with a large number of wonderful aquatic beasts. This virtual tour will guide you through the wreck to see all of its main features, plus a debris field where it was bombed in October 1941 near Ras Muhammad, in the Red Sea. These tours also show how it's best to see them in their natural habitat rather than in captivity.

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