What is the best way to experience a virtual tour?

Let's get into the technical details. A journey that tells a great story while aligning with your physical journey. Kaylee specializes in real estate, B2B and SaaS companies. You can find your experience in sales and real estate content on Fit Small Business.

Virtual tours, such as video guided tours, 3D virtual tours and interactive 360-degree virtual tours, allow potential buyers to interact with a home and observe the features in detail without being on site. To create a virtual tour of the house, start by choosing your equipment and planning the photos before taking them. Additional details, such as leveling the tripod, organizing each room, and using virtual tour software, are also essential to creating a virtual tour. One of the reasons why some agents avoid virtual visits is because they feel confused or intimidated by the necessary equipment.

They often imagine that they need complicated, high-end photography equipment, and that they will need a lot of practice before they can use them well. In reality, the growth of virtual reality and 360-degree photography has increased the number and type of equipment options available. When creating a virtual tour of the house, the tripod must be level to ensure that all images are uniform. This step will only take a few seconds, but it's essential for any image, video, panoramic or 360-degree photo you can take.

Don't try to create panoramic or 360-degree images without a level place to place the camera, or the lines and angles of the shots will twist and be annoying. If your tripod doesn't come with an integrated bubble level, simply download a leveling tool to your smartphone, such as Bubble Level for iPhone or iHandy Level. Level the tripod by adjusting the legs until the bubble is centered between the lines. Start by uploading your images to your software program.

If this is your first time creating a virtual tour, the software can teach you how to do a virtual tour using step-by-step instructions. Follow the steps to add static or panoramic images, and the software will join the static images to make virtual 3D tours and assemble the panoramic photographs for 360-degree tours. Video guided tours are one of the easiest ways to add an attractive and unique element to your property listings, but that's just the beginning. In fact, videos on social networks generate 1,200% more engagement than text and image content combined.

So, make sure you harness the marketing power of video. Start by watching some of the best examples of real estate videos and discover why they work so well. Since these types of virtual tours are created from static images and not videos, the flow from one room to another can be abrupt, like looking at something in Google Street View. However, they offer enormous value to potential buyers because they can practically “tour” the property at their own pace and observe the spaces in detail.

In fact, surveys have shown that 63% of Generation X buyers, 83% of millennials and 94% of Generation Z buyers prefer real estate listings with these immersive features. Another affordable way to easily create a 3D home tour is with Zillow 3D Home Tours. It is a free application that works with 360-degree cameras and smartphones to capture panoramic views and generate an interactive tour of the house. The tour can then be shared on the MLS, on the Zillow list, on social media and on their website.

Kaylee Strozyk is a regular contributor to Fit Small Business, specializing in real estate. She is a freelance SEO writer for real estate, B2B and SaaS companies. This virtual tour allows you to see several points along the wall, or you can enjoy this quick time-lapse video I made walking around the Mutianyu section of the wall. This other site, 3D Sites, offers a similar panoramic experience, but mostly of ancient sites in the Middle East and the Central Asia region.

Check out twenty-six virtual exhibitions and more than 200,000 documented works to learn about almost any era in history, including civilizations such as ancient Egypt, the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, Asian art, medieval art and even contemporary art. Videos are the least interactive options for virtual tours, but they're the easiest to create with anything from smartphones to the most sophisticated digital video equipment. If you follow all the tips above, you can create a perfect experience for your audience. On the other hand, the virtual representation of the admissions suite can lead to an application button.

Those who are successful in the real estate sector begin by making a list of all the rooms in the house that should be included in the virtual tour. Don't forget that every space is important to a potential buyer, so it's important to include rooms such as bathrooms, dressing rooms and lobbies in your virtual tour. The Kenai virtual tour allows you to kayak through majestic icebergs, explore glaciers and descend into their icy crevices, as well as enjoy panoramic views of its fjords. These 10 best practices can help you in that effort and turn your virtual campus experience into a real differentiator.


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