What types of virtual tours are available?

Types of virtual tours %26 Why create them: tour of 3D houses, panoramic views of picturesque places, virtual tours of hotels, virtual tours in cars, virtual visits to universities, virtual tours for online shopping, restaurants %26 bars, art galleries or exhibition halls. So you've decided that you want a virtual tour for your brand, but what type of virtual tour is best for you? Here are 5 variations of virtual tours that you should know about and what to consider when deciding on yours. A simple virtual tour is a basic virtual tour that allows you to walk to different points and see the area in 360 degrees. Make your 360° virtual tour appear on LokaLocalPromote your hotel, restaurant, entertainment destination, space or activity through an immersive virtual tour.

A virtual tour of the destination provides a unique overview of the site. This can be useful for municipalities, theme parks, placemaking initiatives, city tours, and travel destinations. A virtual showroom is a digitally created room that allows you to display your catalog of products or suppliers according to your needs and creativity. Virtual tours are online experiences that allow visitors to visit museums, zoos, national parks, monuments and attractions.

These tours use methods such as 360-degree images, satellite images, virtual reality or video conferencing to bring famous sites to living rooms or classrooms. The purpose of these visits is to inspire, entertain and educate the public. These experiences are also called “online visits”. Virtual visitors choose from five attractions, including Table Mountain in Cape Town and the epic Kruger nature reserve in northern South Africa.

If your website is built with WordPress, the best free virtual tour software for you is WPVR — Virtual Tour Creator. Educators can book interactive, real-time visits for classes that engage students and allow for question and answer sessions. Although a 360-degree tour can be any route that allows you to look around you from every angle, the traditional definition of this tour is one that is recorded with a camera. High-resolution images create a virtual reality experience that immerses viewers in the environment.

Although many of its exclusive premium features aren't available, the free version of WPVR will still allow you to create high-quality virtual tours that you can use on your website. Wow, I didn't know that virtual tours can also be used to see certain historic sites from around the world. Basically, a 360-degree virtual tour consists of obtaining a complete virtual view of the environment: you can see the place from the center and have more control over navigation. The Guggenheim Museum offers staff-facilitated online tours for students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade.

The route is created through a sequence of combined camera shots or a continuous shot filmed with a 360-degree camera. This 360° online tour of California's Death Valley National Park allows visitors to explore the attraction's diverse landscapes, from dunes to craters and canyons. Your virtual tour allows you to discover incredible works of art from the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary eras. Use 360-degree virtual tour software to turn panoramic images into a functional virtual tour of an apartment.

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